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Read about our build services


Read about our build services


The ARK difference –

We work with three main build systems that are all considered modern ways of building. We love them, because of the benefits they offer our customers, whether its reduced build times, fire safety, cost savings, sustainability or reduced energy bills.


With modular construction buildings are created in sections at a factory, off-site under highly controlled conditions. The same materials are used as in conventional construction and the design is created to identical building standards. A modular construction project can be completed in around half the time of a traditional build, so you can move into your newly built or extended home sooner.

Buildings are made in ‘modules’ and then put together on site, replicating the design intent and specs of the most sophisticated site-built structure. There is no compromise on appearance, safety or quality.

Modular construction results in modern-looking, elegant structures. As well as the cost savings, and the speed of construction, modular buildings save space since a smaller working area can be used because fewer building materials need to be stored on site. Temporary storage is either minimised or completely removed.

Modular building is regularly described as the future of the UK construction industry.

SIPs –

SIPs are a familiar material on building sites, making building homes simpler and quicker with large factory made structural panels fitted into a solid wooden frame. However our SIPs have taken the panel build concept into a new era thanks to the qualities of Magnesium Oxide (MgO). Robust and durable, MgO gives our panels significant advantages over other SIPs and traditional building materials. Plus there are cost savings to be made during the build, over traditional building techniques.

Long-term you’ll benefit from lower energy bills due to the air tight construction and panel insulation properties. Magnesium Oxide Boards are more energy efficient and they will save you between 40% and 50% in heating energy. This green product will continue to save you money over time. The tight insulation results in no more drafts and the MgO panels are highly flame resistant and therefore producing no smoke.

Thanks to the extreme durability of MgO SIPs panels you’re guaranteed a build that stand the tests of time.


Isotex was formed in 1985 in Poviglio, Italy following woodcrete being used extensively in Europe since 1946. Isotex now with over 400,000 builds worldwide. The factory produces woodcrete blocks that are used as a dry-stack walling system for use in the construction industry. The units are then in-filled with concrete to form a monolithic structural walling system.

This method of building is known in the industry as Insulated Concrete Formwork (or ICF for short) differs to traditional methods but have some unique features.  Construction time is reduced as it is simple complete and compliant with applicable building regulations.

Isotex has lessened thermal bridging, also known as cold bridges or heat bridges. In an airtight and insulated home, thermal bridges can account for heat loss of up to 30 percent, so our well designed product will ensure this is avoided. We can eliminate temperature fluctuations as the thermal mass created gives a stable living environment for you to enjoy as well as achieving time, cost and energy-saving in your build.

Isotex does not burn after 180 mins fire exposure at 1000 degrees centigrade, so it is also a very safe product.


Whether you are building an extension, converting a loft, or planning a new build, ARK can help you decide the best build system to suit your needs.

Build costs vary depending upon specification and site complexity so we like to meet with you and discuss your project via a video call or in person at your property.

There isn’t a project challenge that our professional team have not met before, so you can be assured we will have a solution.


You have the option to employ our design team to work with to achieve planning permission, or we can work with your architects original plans to develop the best modern build solution.

Either way you will find our team friendly, approachable and able to recommend and discuss the best solutions for your project, explaining the costs, benefits and sustainability credentials of each option, helping you to make an informed choice about your new home.


Our project managers are vastly experienced in the full range of traditional and modern building practices, so they will ensure 100% success and delivery of your home to the highest standards.

They will oversee the complete build from start to finish and we will all be on hand to look after any future enquiries or service requests.

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